Natural Gas

Here you can find a list of articles, reports published by Dr. Agnia Grigas or publications where she has provided commentary on the natural gas industry. Some of these publications discuss energy security or natural gas pipeline projects and the politics that surround it, whereas others cover the liquefied natural gas industry (LNG). More specifically, here you can find a broad discussion on the shale revolution and how see how over the past years it has been rapidly altering the geopolitics and dynamics of the global natural gas markets.

Gazprom's 'iron embrace' comes with a sting in the tail

Business New Europe

February 16, 2017

Now attention is focussed on the pincer to the south, which is currently going ahead following the ratification of Turkish Stream under the new détente between Ankara and Moscow.

Azerski gaz niedługo dotrze do Unii Europejskiej; Rosja próbuje go blokować (in Polish)

Polish Press Agency

February 13, 2017

Uzależniona od rosyjskiego gazu Unia Europejska już wkrótce zyska nowe źródło dostaw tego surowca - błękitne paliwo z Azerbejdżanu. Budowa gazociągów trwa. Projektowi - jak mówią eksperci - może zaszkodzić rosyjska propaganda i promowany przez Moskwę konkurencyjny projekt - Turkish Stream.

Gazprom using TAP can hinder Europe’s diversification plans?

Trend News Agency

January 30, 2017

Russian hopes to use the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) go counter to the purpose of the project to diversify European gas imports away from Russian gas

A Natural Gas Diplomacy for the New US Administration

Atlantic Council

January 25, 2018

As the geopolitics of natural gas undergo significant shifts, the US has the opportunity to play the role of leader in the global gas markets with its newfound energy prowess as an emerging producer of natural gas and LNG exporter.

Tillerson Could Boost Energy Diplomacy

Atlantic Council

January 13, 2017

With the United States having emerged as an energy superpower, US President-elect Donald Trump’s decision to nominate the former chief executive officer of energy giant ExxonMobil, Rex Tillerson, as secretary of state is significant.

As Russia’s gas market gets weaker, Europe gets stronger


January 10, 2017

Europe’s Trans Anatolian natural gas pipeline in Turkey has hit a major milestone. It passed the halfway mark to completion at the end of 2016, bringing the Southern Gas Corridor pipeline project closer to its finishing point – and closer to reducing Europe’s dependence on Russian gas.

How Putin is losing his grip on Russia's pipeline politics


November 19, 2016

As President Vladimir Putin seeks to reinforce Russia’s position as a global power through nuclear saber-rattling and military campaigns in Ukraine and Syria, the next U.S. administration will need to both contain and cooperate with him. If played right, that may get easier in the years to come. 

Nord Stream 2: Trojan Horse or Guarantee of Security

Natural Gas World

March 22, 2016

Russia’s gas export plans have become more political because of the standoff between Russia and Ukraine over the Crimea and Russia’s alleged aggression in eastern Ukraine.

Russia: reviving dead plans through new gas pipeline project

Trend News Agency

March 02, 2016

Russia's new gas pipeline project to Southern Europe is just another effort to revive the country's failed plans to supply gas into the region.

Turkish Stream: funding problems, not Ankara-Moscow tension

Trend News Agency

February 03, 2016

The implementation of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline project is in the interests of both Turkey and Russia.

EU trying to decide on fate of Nord Stream II

Anadolu Agency Energy News Terminal

December 04, 2015

While some EU countries support the Russian-proposed Nord Stream II gas pipeline project, others remain cautious.

Deteriorating Relations Between Russia And Turkey Will Have Broader Consequences


November 24, 2015

Turkey’s decision to shoot down a Russian warplane for violating its airspace near the Syrian border will challenge Turkish-Russian and US-Russian relations that were already under increasing strain.

Can the Nord Stream 2 cut out Central and Eastern European countries from transiting Russian gas?


October 04, 2015

Russia’s plans to launch the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea in order to increase gas supplies to the German market is just the latest step of Russia’s broader long-term strategy to cut the Central and Eastern European countries from the energy transit business.

It's Only a Matter of Time Before the Shale Topic Will Be Raised Again in the EU, Lithuania

Natural Gas World

September 13, 2015

How will the now 'wobbly' Russian gas giant Gazprom measure up in the future? What will the geopolitical climate look like for the Baltics as it cuts loose from the Russian monopoly? 

From Russia With Love: The Moscow-Ankara Energy Affair


May 12, 2015

Last week’s deal between Turkey and Russia to launch the Turkish Stream gas pipeline by December 2016, may spell a new era in Turkey and Russia’s energy and political relations.

Big loser in any nuclear deal with Iran may be Russia


July 09, 2015

As Iran and six world powers edge closer to solidifying an accord that puts limits on Tehran’s nuclear program in return for sanctions relief, a unique opportunity presents itself for the West. 

The decline of the Gazprom era in Europe

The Hill

May 03, 2015

Last month's European antitrust charges against the Russian national gas company, Gazprom, seem to signal that the heyday of Russian gas in Europe may be coming to an end.

Putin Killing Pipeline Leaves East Europe Scrambling for Gas


December 13, 2014

Eastern European countries dependent on Russian gas are scrambling for alternatives after President Vladimir Putin blindsided them with a decision to scrap a pipeline bypassing Ukraine.

Lithuania’s gas security: Risks and opportunities

Lithuania Tribune

August 21, 2014

There is a long-held view that the Russian gas supply to Lithuania is unlikely to be cut-off because Lithuania serves as a gas transit state to the Russian territory of Kaliningrad.

An Energy Solution for Ukraine

The New York Times

August 15, 2014

As the European winter approaches and with Ukraine facing another possible halt in gas from Moscow, the United States should support bringing liquid natural gas (L.N.G.) technologies to Ukraine to enable Kiev to import alternative gas supplies via the Black Sea.

Winter and Gazprom Won’t Wait: What The Geopolitics of LNG Will Mean for the People of the Ukraine and Europe

Huffington Post

August 14, 2014

As the crisis in Ukraine is escalating with the prospect of Russian military intervention, there is every reason to believe that Vladimir Putin will use other weapons at his disposal.

Can EU face Russia down over energy policy?


March 12, 2013

Moscow uses energy as a geopolitical weapon and is thus in a strong position vis a vis the EU, 40% of whose gas supplies come from Russia. But new developments, including shale gas discoveries, are enabling Europe to retaliate and the outcome is not a foregone conclusion.

The Gas Relationship between the Baltic States and Russia – politics and commercial realities

The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

September 30, 2012

Gas markets in the Baltic countries are small, disconnected from the rest of Europe and, despite many plans for diversification over the past 20 years, remain entirely supplied by Russian gas.

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