Grigas and her team of associates deliver consulting, seminars, studies, as well as business development and project management for organizations and businesses seeking to manage political and geopolitical risks and those working in the global energy markets. Grigas can draw on her vast network of experts and professionals spread across the globe that offer local knowledge and access to regional markets. Past clients include Fortune 500 companies in the energy, finance, and technology sectors. 

"Agnia was instrumental to the Barclay's Technology team as we were investigating, selecting and implementing our new technology site in Eastern Europe. Her work product — from analysis to government relations to site logistic — was always superb, and while she delivered excellent solutions, she was an expert at managing relations along the way. I highly recommend Agnia for her ability to creatively solve problems and the very high quality of work."

— Jim Ditmore, COO of Danske Bank, former CIO of Barclay’s Global Retail Bank


      Energy markets 
      Geopolitics of energy
      Global natural gas markets
      US energy markets
      US natural gas policy
      American LNG exports
      American shale gas revolution
      Pipeline politics
      Russian energy policy
      Russian natural gas sector
      Eurasian energy policy
      EU energy policy
      European energy security             Chinese energy policy
      Chinese natural gas market


     Russian energy policy
     Russian pipeline politics
     Russian natural gas markets
     Russian foreign policy
     Russian information warfare
     Russian compatriot policies

Former states of the USSR

     Relations with Russia
     Russian minorities
     Energy policy (especially natural gas)
     Frozen conflicts
     Ethnic conflicts
     Relations with EU, NATO
     Relations with China
     Central Asia

Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)

     Relations with Russia
     Russian minorities
     Energy sector (oil, gas, nuclear)

     Energy sector (electricity, renewables)
     Information technology sector


     Relations with Russia
     Hybrid warfare threats
     Information warfare
     Cyber warfare

Hybrid warfare

      Soft power 
     Information warfare in foreign policy
     Propaganda in foreign policy
     Cyber warfare in foreign policy

     Irregular warfare

Europe and European Union

     Cyber security
     Energy policy
     Foreign policy
     Relations with Russia
     Relations with US
     Relations with Ukraine